Please send us the details at info@prinol.com or give us a call on 011-30797550. We will be glad to help you with this.

Please reach out to us using any of the options ( Live Chat , Call , Mail ) given on right side of the screen. We will be glad to work with you and will suggest you the correct solution for your Business/Brand/Organization.

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If you are not clear about your requirements then please reach out to us using any of the option given on right side and we will be glad to assist you.

Yes we will be glad to work with you. Please send us the details at info@prinol.com or give us a call on 011-30797550.

We provide different modes of Payment options available.You can make your Payment using
- Online Payment
- Cheque

Please visit our payment page for more details - Make your Payment

You can easily advertise your business on the internet as there are various platforms available for this.For Example -You can make your business listing to appear when a user searches for a specific term on search Engines (Google , Bing ).
We help you in setting up your advertising Campaign with Google and other major advertising platforms.

To put it briefly we are in a different business than these companies.GoDaddy , Bigrock etc. are Domain name registrars and Hosting providers.They are in the business of selling domain name & Website hosting while Prinol provides the Website design and Website Development.

They do provide some basic Website design features as add-ons but that will get you a very basic website with not much customization.They provide these tools so that they can effectively sell their Core Business products (Domain Names , Website Hosting). Apart from this , It will also cost you much more than what we are offering you.

Online payment is much more safer than Cash transaction as you have the complete record of the transaction which is not possible with Cash transaction.Now a days Online payment has been gaining popularity with the increased reach of internet and Mobile.

One you have done the online payment , we will start working on your Website/Web Application.In case you are not satisifed with final product ,We have "10 days refund policy".

For complete details on our Refund policy, please refer to following Link - Refund policy details.

Website Hosting acts as a placeholder for all your website content.It is a place on the server where your Website Content is placed so that it can be accessed over internet.

We also buy the Web-hosting from different hosting providers (eg. Godaddy, BigRock , Rackspace). Website Hosting charges are already included in the plans that you opt for.

A Domain name is the name of your website.Yahoo.com , Google.com , ebay.in are examples of domain name.
For example your brand name is "India Automobiles" , you can opt for one out of following domain name - indiaautomobiles.com , india-automobiles.in
We will try to book the domain name that matches with your business and Brand name.We will help you with the tools to find the correct domain name for your website.

We will work with you to to make sure that such a situation never arrives.In case you are still not satisfied with the final product we have "10 days - No Questions asked" Refund policy.

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